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Results of the 34th Annual Heart of America Hickory Championship - Senior, Female and Scramble Divisons

August 03, 2011
Results of the 34th Annual Heart of America Hickory Championship - Senior, Female and Scramble Divisons Image

Saturday, July 30, 2011 - Happy Hollow Club, Omaha, Nebraska

Medal Scores - Senior Division
79     John Hutton (Champion)
84     David Dunigan (Runner Up, play off by scorecard)
84     Jim Killips
82     Max Hollon (placed 1st in Reserve Division)
89     Darris Doughman
89     Dale Hallock
90     Willie Engelson
91     Eric Wagner
92     Rob Ahlschwede
94     Russ Fisher
94     Mike Enich
95     Duane Baylor
96     Bill Reed
96     Dick Shanahan
97     Kelvin Berens
97     Mike Austin
101     Bob Brady
102     Don Kavalec
103     Tom Heiken
103     Ron Luster

Reserve Scores - Senior Division
65     Max Hollon (Champion)
69     Willie Engelson (Runner Up)
69     David Dunigan
71     John Hutton
74     Russ Fisher
74     Mike Enich
74     Jim Killips
76     Bill Reed
76     Duane Baylor
77     Dale Hallock
77     Eric Wagner
78     Rob Ahlschwede
79     Mike Austin
81     Darris Doughman
82     Dick Shanahan
82     Don Kavalec
83     Tom Heiken
83     Kelvin Berens
83     Ron Luster
86     Bob Brady

Women’s Division - Medal Scores

87     Sue Marchese (Champion)
91     Jeanne Swenson (Runner Up)
112     Cindy Austin
--       Chris Shanahan

Scramble Division
70     Championship Team: Bob Gardenhire, Bill Crowell, Ray Rayburn, Clayton Copple
73     Runners Up: Rives McBee, Gary Proctor, John Ausen, Fred Cormaci Jr.

The 34th Annual Heart of America Hickory Championship was a success by any applicable standard of measurement. This combined effort of region 7 of the Golf Collectors Society, the hickory tournament committee of Happy Hollow Club, The Hickory Golf Association and The Society of Hickory Golfers and The Championship Series of Hickory Golf, shows what can be achieved when the spirit of co-operation strives towards a common goal. Thanks to all who played and were involved.

A big thank you to the following sponsors:
Mountain Valley Spring Water Company – Breck Speed, CEO
Classic Golf of Omaha – Randy Jensen, Owner
Select Networks of Des Moines, Iowa – Clayton Copple, President
Louisville Golf, Louisville, Kentucky – Mike Just, President