Hickory Golf Association

2020 McNabb Cup

September 11, 2020 - September 12, 2020
Muskegon CC/White Lake GC - Muskegon, Michigan

This late-summer event has earned a singular reputation on the Michigan Hickory Tour.

Perhaps it is the Friday (Sept. 11) pre-tournament round on Muskegon Country Club, a testing Donald Ross original – sometimes medal, sometimes Stableford, and maybe even match play this year. A convivial dinner at the Muskegon CC restaurant (the MCC Chef is one of the best) follows Friday’s golf.

It may be the Saturday play for The Cup itself, in 2019 planned for the Tom Bendelow-designed White Lake GC (1916) that winds through lovely wooded fairways. Of course there is the now legendary Saturday evening celebration at the McNabb Cottage overlooking Lake Michigan. Casual trading/selling of clubs and golf memorabilia, and spirited story telling is heartily encouraged.

The great Cup itself is, of course, enough to validate any golfer’s resume. It is played in honor of the one who originally won it in 1922, Isabel McNabb. The Cup is a test of honor, of skill, of patience, and the ability to appreciate and celebrate golf’s great tradition of friendly competition. The 2020 Captain of the Cup, Mr. Lloyd Slinglend, welcomes all who would challenge for this great trophy.

Here, in the lovely lakeshore communities of West Michigan, the contestants will not face 2-hour commutes to the course; nor must they face unchivalrous fans or tedious media interrogations. All they must face down are their own fears and doubts as they step to the first tee, the great Cup and immortality in the balance. This line of thought does not daunt a true McNabb contestant. They have been tempered in the fire of this great competition and, to a person, have shown true mettle, such is the steel of their desire for the champion’s mantle. (Not to mention the stream of endorsement offers that accrue to the champion, or so we have been told.)

Plus, everybody seems to have a pretty good time. (Click here for an account – all true! – of the 2018 tournament.)

An invitational letter is mailed in April. However, earnest contestants are encouraged to apply to The Cup’s secretary, James Davis. To date, the event’s August and Ancient Committee has turned no one away.

The fee is a mere $65 for the day of The Cup and the evening’s celebration. Other costs (additional golf on Friday and dinner on Friday) are extra. There are several very reasonably priced local hotels and B&Bs for the traveling pilgrim who wishes to experience both days of play.

Address all inquiries to McNabb Cup Secretary James Davis.


When possible, visiting players are installed in the McNabb Cottage, which overlooks Lake Michigan. Every attempt is made to rotate players such that everyone has a chance to stay here. The winner of The McNabb Cup from the previous year is offered the luxurious suite known as “Grandmother’s Room.” Each year, and with a bit of luck and neighborly hospitality, the Secretary is able to find additional beds in the guest quarters of neighboring cottages. But these will not become known until later in August 2020. So, here are some other possibilities.

Water’s Edge Lodge

The lodge is just down the street from the McNabb Cottage toward the White Lake channel to Lake Michigan. The Water’s Edge has been a family and guest vacation choice for many dozens of years. Owner Frank Hollister seems to be a pretty genuine man of amiable disposition. Two or three room choices range from modest to large, for a family. Frank Hollister can be reached at 231-894-4331 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Or email at fhollister@hotmail.com.  The website is  www.hollisterswatersedge.com

Click here
to visit a website with a list of other accommodations in the Whitehall area. Of these, Buzz’s Lakeside Inn is the closest to both the cottage and the White Lake Golf Club (which is just across the street), but Buzz’s can be expensive and sometimes difficult to book.

The other ones have been tried by various folk and they are all comfortable, if not fancy.

The Weathervane Inn

This place is at the far end of White Lake, just across the White River bridge where it empties into White Lake. It is in Montague, about 7 miles away. I have never stayed here, but it looks like a great place. Rates, from the website, appear to range from $128 to $205.
https://theweathervaneinn.net     888-382-9861     231-981-7325