Hickory Golf Association

2019 National Hickory Championship

June 06, 2019 - June 08, 2019
Mound Golf Course - Miamisburg, Ohio

The 2019 National Hickory Championship is scheduled for the historic Mound Golf Course of the City of Miamisburg, Ohio. Contestants play 36 holes over two days. Clubs must be original 19th century or approved replicas (available for rent if you don’t have your own set) and all players use the same modern-made, line cut gutta percha-type balls available through the Championship and McIntyre Golf. Tee shots are struck from sand tees. Golf bags are not permitted. Players carry clubs under their arm in the manner of the 19th century. There is a simple dress code. Although period costumes are not required, many golfers dress appropriately and prizes are presented to the “best dressed.” Thursday June 6 is the day for a Mike and Elmore Just Foursomes competition.

“The NHC is like no other hickory golf tournament in America, Britain or anywhere else in the world,” says its host and founder Pete Georgiady. “It is authentic, competitive, historic, truly unique and, above all, fun!”

This year, the NHC adds a three-hole test competition with feather balls. The first 12 paid entrants who would like to participate and indicate this to Georgiady will have their names put in a hat to draw for the eight competitors – four teams of two. Georgiady will supply the balls. “If it works well, we might expand it for the 2020 NHC,” he said.

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“I’m looking forward to another highly successful “National” and I hope you can join us,” Pete says.