Hickory Golf Association


September 16, 2017 - September 16, 2017
Gates Golf Club - Waterloo, Iowa
‘Wooden-stick’ golf clubs, ‘small’ strange golf balls and ‘sand’ tee boxes played by golfers attired in knickers, floppy-hats, high-stockings and colorful-shirts from the 1920’s era --- You Have To Do It!!!

Plans are for anyone interested in participating in an official “Hickory Golf Association” tournament to complete the registration form below to play in a ‘Two-Person Best Ball’ outing and/or become an event sponsor.  The date is Saturday, September 16th, 11:00 a.m. – start at the Gates Golf Club in Waterloo, Iowa.  Actual ‘hickory golf clubs’ will be provided as part of the registration fee, along with a lunch, prizes, cart and displays from ‘times-gone-by’ and much more.  Appropriate ‘period apparel’ is encouraged and can be purchased by referring to the iowalions.org website (but not required) or go to GolfKnickers.com (note Iowa Lions).

Hickory players with their own clubs have a rate of $40 per person. Let's again support the local Lions in their Centennial Year of service to their respective communities as well as world wide.