Hickory Golf Association


Dark Ages Golf
Rob Ahlschwede
3726 Wesley Loop NW
Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: 360-866-1935
Icon Image Certified Club Repair
Dark Ages Golf specializes in the restoration and repair of wood shafted golf clubs for play or display.  Anything from modest cosmetic treatment all the way to reshafting.  New in period grips, resetting clubheads to existing shaft, swing weighting to specifications, and shaft straightening.  Other repairs as indicated.
Rob worked in the Classic Golf Shop in Omaha, Nebraska for more than five years where he exclusively worked only on hickory era clubs.  Through his experience there he has developed a fine compliment of restoration skills that he can put to use on your clubs.
Email or call for an idea of what can and needs to be done as well as an indication of the cost of desired work.